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The Fernleaf story is one of pioneer farming followed by selective breeding to develop stock with qualities valued by farmers.

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Breeding Rams

The Benefits of our Breeding Programme

The Fernleaf ram breeding programme is aimed at breeding rams which need less drenching and are resistant to worms and Facial Eczema. The nett result is less dags, less work for the farmer, healthier stock and greater profitability.

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These are some of our customer testimonials. What people are saying about our rams:

I have been buying Fernleaf Romneys for twelve years and have halved my drenching efforts and cost while still achieving good weights for finishing stock and 150% lambing. Last year dagging 1,400 ewes and 2,000 lambs in December we only collected one fadge of dags.

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Healthier stock for less work & more profit

Our rams are bred to provide all the stock qualities valued by farmers. Please see the information on this website or contact us for further information.

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