These are some of our customer testimonials. What people are saying about our rams:

I have been buying Fernleaf Romneys for twelve years and have halved my drenching efforts and cost while still achieving good weights for finishing stock and 150% lambing. Last year dagging 1,400 ewes and 2,000 lambs in December we only collected one fadge of dags. My aim – Resistance to Parasites – Reduce Dagging – Facial Eczema Tolerance. I no longer get any clinical signs of FE in my flock.
Neil Hadland, Manager Parihaka Station, Taranaki  


I choose to buy Fernleaf Romneys above any others I’ve seen because they are sound sheep that give me a good fleece and achieve what they do with a Minimal Chemical Input – close to organic.
Ian Ellery, Organic farmer, Waikato 


I have been been buying Fernleaf Rams since 2004.
They have helped me to build up my flock’s worm resistance – reducing drenching input and dagging work and Fernleaf Rams have been a major part of raising my lambing rate to 150% – on hill country
I also like the fact that, with Fernleaf Rams, what you see is what you get – rams are presented in their natural conditions.
Robbie Cummins, Makirikiri Valley, Wanganui

We have an easycare hill country commercial ewe flock and a ram breeding enterprise as well.
Our goals include Romneys with top fertility/ meat and wool genetics coupled with FE tolerance/ worm resistance and no dags.
We source our stud sires from Fernleaf to attain these genetics.
Dave McGaveston, Managing Director, McGaveston Farming Ltd, T/A Pigeon Hills Romneys, Tapawera, Nelson

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